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Hosting Four-Legged Guests at Your Craft Brewery

Service animals in the office. Comfort animals on the airplane. Tiny pets in handbags.

Sometimes it seems that the whole world is “pet-friendly.” And it may be your inclination to permit your customers to bring their four-legged friends to your brewery. But for a craft brewery, the situation is not always straightforward. Read More…

Protect Your Brewery Workers in Confined Spaces

It’s not news that brewery workers face risk when working in confined spaces—but this horrifying story out of California may be news to you. Last year, a worker lowered into a 50-foot drainage shaft fell to his death.


The general contractor and the subcontractor on the job did not follow permit-required procedures for working in confined spaces.

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The Music Licensing Blues

Does your craft brewery play the radio for the enjoyment of your customers? Do you ever have an opportunity to invite local bands to perform live in your tasting room?

A recent lawsuit may help brewery owners realize that these seemingly innocuous acts could be cause for concern. Read More…

Benefits and Risks of Farm to Keg

The sustainability, eat local, and grow organic movements have all come together in the drive to produce craft beer from “farm to keg.” While popular with consumers, Beall Brewery Insurance points out that the farm to keg movement requires careful consideration of risk exposures and insurance coverages to protect the entire business—from the field to the taproom.

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