Do Your Workers Know Your Brewery Emergency Response Plan?

Business owners already know the importance of having an emergency action plan to help them respond quickly in the event of a natural disaster, work-related injury, or other incident. But Beall Brewery Insurance would like to suggest that brewery owners and operators also have in place a brewery Emergency Response Plan that offers workers a framework to help them respond swiftly and successfully to an emergency.

The California Department of Industrial Relations recommends that a business Emergency Response Plan answer the following questions:

Exit and Escape Plans

  • What is the escape plan for fires, floods, earthquakes, and chemical spills?
  • Where are emergency exits located and how do you open them?
  • Where should you go if there is an evacuation? Is there a designated meeting area?

In Case of Fire

  • How does the fire alarm system work, and how should you respond?
  • Where are fire extinguishers located?
  • How do you operate fire extinguishers properly? (Everyone who is expected to use a fire extinguisher must be trained.)

Emergency Equipment

  • Where are emergency eye wash stations and safety showers located (if any)?
  • Where are first aid kits located?
  • Which workers on each shift are trained in first aid? Unless a hospital is nearby, at least two trained people should be available.

In Case of Injury

  • Who should be notified of an injury?
  • Who is designated to provide first aid?
  • What procedures should be followed to get medical care?

Be sure your staff is trained in the best practices for emergency response, and that you hold refresher trainings periodically to ensure that all staff is prepared in the event of an emergency.

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