Brew Beer, Don’t Waste Water: Reducing Water Used in Brewing

Beer is 95% water, but the amount of water needed in the brewing process adds up to much more than that. According to the Brewers Association, brewers need about seven barrels of water to make one gallon of beer.

Of course, not all that water goes into the actual brewing. But the brewing process is responsible for 25% of a typical brewery’s water usage.

Reducing water used in brewing can have a powerful impact on a brewery’s bottom line—and not only in savings on utility bills. It could even mean increased beer production.

Tips for Reducing Water Used in Brewing

  • Do not over-fill the mash tun or lauter tun.
  • If you frequently brew new batches, store wort surplus to ad to your next brew.
  • Use dry methods—brush or rake—to remove grains from the mash tun, rather than water jets. This will not only reduce water usage, but help prevent grains from entering—and potentially blocking—your drainage system.
  • Optimize the cleaning of your brewing vessels. For instance, utilize detergent sprays for effective removal of yeast and tannins deposited on the walls of your fermenters. After an initial rinse, the foam will soften the deposits with a minimum amount of water. Just a small amount of water can remove the foam. Alternatively, utilize scrapers and brushes to reduce the need for hose usage in cleaning vessels.
  • Do you use diatomaceous earth, plate and frame, or rotary filters to filter your beer? All these methods use large amounts of water. Consider using the cross-flow or membrane filtration method instead.

These are just a handful of suggestions you can put into practice to reduce water usage in your brewing processes—without sacrificing the quality of your craft beer.

The Brewers Association has created a manual to help craft breweries reduce water usage and waste. Click here to download your copy.

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