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How to Stay Safe in Confined Spaces

Confined spaces pose a significant danger if not approached with care. In 2009, a welder who entered a fermentation tank to seal a crack set himself on fire when he lit his blowtorch in the space, which was oversaturated with oxygen. In 2011, a fermentation tank exploded at a Vermont brewery. (Of course, confined spaces are a risk for reasons other than air quality. In 2010 alone, close to 30 people died in grain entrapment incidents in the United States.) Read More…

Prevent Employee Theft

During this Crime Prevention Month, Beall Brewery Insurance would like to remind craft brewery owners and operators to take steps to protect their businesses from employee theft. Read More…

Craft Brewery Cyber Security

According to the FBI, the cost of cybercrime in the US was $3.5 billion in 2019. However, the actual toll could be much higher since oftentimes the exploits and intrusions go unnoticed. A New Zealand-based security firm, Emsisoft, estimated ransomware alone cost the US over $9 billion

Cyber security is an important concern for all business owners—craft brewers included. To maintain craft brewery cyber security, you need to protect your computers, your network, and your mobile devices. From whom? From hackers, electronic vandals, and cyber extortionists who can encrypt your data and demand a ransom for the encryption key.

It’s a good idea to work with an outside consultant to identify gaps in your craft brewery cyber security—and to fill those gaps. But you don’t have to wait for expert assistance. Try these tips to amp up your cyber security.

Cyber Security Tips for Your Brewery

  • Back up your data.
  • Run robust malware-detection software.
  • Four-fifths of cyber attacks involve weak passwords. Use strong passwords—a different one for each account—and don’t write them down; memorize them.
  • Keep systems and programs current by updating whenever updates are available.
  • Develop craft brewery cyber security policies, and train employees in those policies.

Beall Brewery Insurance has years of experience working with microbreweries, contract breweries, and brewpubs that require specialized insurance packages and knowledge. With offices in California and Indiana, Beall Brewery Insurance serves clients nationwide.

Wildfire Prevention at the Brewery

A brewery fire is one of the top three most severe losses a brewery can experience, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group. And this is the perfect time to remind brewery operators how to put wildfire prevention into effect.

Why? Because this year, wildfire is causing more damage.

From January 1 to September 19, 2021 there were 45,118 wildfires, compared with 43,556 in the same period in 2020, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Does that mean it’s too late to take steps to prevent wildfire at your brewery? Absolutely not. Read More…

Do Your Workers Know Your Brewery Emergency Response Plan?

Business owners already know the importance of having an emergency action plan to help them respond quickly in the event of a natural disaster, work-related injury, or other incident. But Beall Brewery Insurance would like to suggest that brewery owners and operators also have in place a brewery Emergency Response Plan that offers workers a framework to help them respond swiftly and successfully to an emergency. Read More…

The Keys to Brewery Maintenance

The Beall Brewery Insurance safety team recently completed research that revealed consistency and scheduling as the two most important factors in brewery maintenance.

The last thing a craft brewer needs is for equipment to give out. Equipment breakdown results in time, energy, and money spent on clean-up, lost product, and frustrated customers. That’s exactly what happened to one New England brewery when a gasket gave out on a tank, sending a flood of beer out onto the brewery floor. The brewery lost the entire batch of its popular brew. It was a costly incident that points out the importance of doing regular checks on equipment to ensure that everything is working properly. Read More…

Top Craft Brewery Risk: Slips, Trips & Falls

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that slips, trips and falls (STF) is the most frequent craft brewery loss, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group.

While STF is an important risk for all business-owners to manage, for craft brewery management the situation is particularly complicated. So many different populations may enter the brewery. These include customers, tour-goers, outside contractors, and—of course—employees. Physical hazards common to craft breweries heighten the physical risk. These include wet or slippery floors, elevated platforms, different types of floor surfaces, and changes in floor elevation. Read More…