Promoting Wellness at Your Craft Brewery

The wellbeing of your craft brewery employees is key—and for a number of reasons.

Healthy employees are productive employees. Healthy employees don’t negatively impact your workers’ comp costs. And, these days especially, healthy employees ensure the health of the entire organization.

August is National Wellness Month, and there’s never been a better year to celebrate it! How can you help your workers focus on improved wellness?

Ideas for National Wellness Month

  • Focus on healthy eating. You could try having a photo contest for who brought the healthiest lunch; sharing a couple recipes a week for people to try at home; or bringing healthy snacks to share (this may require extra planning due to COVID-19). Maybe your team would be game to try a particular eating plan for a month, sharing recipes and reporting in on progress as each week goes by.
  • Do what you can to help your team get plenty of rest. A solid sleep regimen will help your workers stay safe and in-the-moment on the job. But it will also help with their physical, emotional, and mental health. Try posting a flier with tips to get a good night’s sleep, or asking your team to share their top tips.
  • Encourage physical activity. Maybe staff can use their break time to take a walk out in the fresh air, or maybe you’ll organize a before- or after-hours hike where your team can work out together while still social distancing.
  • Take a break together. Simple steps can really help to manage stress. Why not take a mid-morning stretch break to loosen up? Or do a group breathing exercise to help lower those heart rates.
  • Get everyone involved. Encourage your team to share their top wellness tips, and encourage everyone to pick a new one to try this month.

Maintaining your wellness is a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a drag! Help your workers help themselves to focus on their own well-being—they’ll benefit from it, and your brewery will, too.

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