Brewery Insurance Risk Management

brewery insurance risk management

Beall Brewery Insurance Risk Management offers a competitive advantage that few brewery insurance programs can match. We are committed to providing outstanding value-added services to not only large craft brewers but also to those small and medium-sized craft brewers that others may ignore.

An example of one of our value-added services is our Beall Brewery Insurance Guide to Brewery Safety and Loss Prevention, which covers the property hazards, employee hazards, and liability hazards that face every craft brewery and brewpub. In this book we cover everything from protecting brewery equipment and the delicious end product, to protecting employees and customers, to reducing liquor liability issues. We even include a spectrum of brewery insurance risk management safety checklists. We understand brewery insurance risk management, and our book is a concise guide to help craft brewery staff and management ensure the safety of all the people that come onto the premises–and the security of the brewery itself for years to come.

And the guide book is in addition to our knowledgeable staff and the brewery insurance risk management tools we offer to support our craft brewery clients in their pursuit of excellence. Here are a few other things that set us apart:


  • Site surveys, loss analysis, technical research, and expert hazard control evaluations and presentations for prospective, new, and long-term accounts
  • Professional ongoing account service focused on measurable goals and meaningful outcomes.
  • An impressive set of evaluation tools, training services, and vendor discounts
  • Consultants with extensive knowledge of the best practices in loss control for craft brewers
  • Consultants available in every region of the country who are well versed in local, state, and federal regulatory guidelines and laws
  • Industry- or association-specific webinars and training programs
  • Loss control website — an extension of service to our policyholders that enhances our ability to serve more customers by providing access to loss control tools and value-added services at the click of a mouse, 24 hours a day




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