Get Organized at Your Brewery for a Great New Year

January is Get Organized Month. It’s an ideal time to look back at your brewery’s last year, and look ahead to determine how you will accomplish this year’s goals. These suggestions can help you start 2023 off on the right foot.

Get Organized In the Office

Contain clutter. Focus on one area each week. Take on your desk; your filing cabinet; and your email inbox. Naturally, you don’t have a lot of extra time for chores like this—so take baby steps. Try clearing out one shelf or one drawer.

Look at your calendar. How many festivals do you want to participate in this year? Do you have particular ones in mind? Then make a note of any applications or entrance processes you’ll have to complete. Hoping to increase the number of bars and restaurants that have your brews on tap? Make a note of how many businesses you plan to pitch each month to reach that goal. What about team-building events for your employees? Or special celebrations for your customers? Brainstorm unique promotions, food-related events, and commemorations for this year—and make sure you schedule time to make each of those ideas a reality.

Check your paperwork. Are all your workers properly categorized? Do you need to follow up on any submissions or applications to organizations? Are you sure your brewery’s insurance coverage provides sufficient protection for your business? As you consider all these questions, make a note of any uncertainties. Then be sure to follow up with the right people to get the answers you need.

Get Organized In the Tasting Room

Gather with your team and take a hard look at your tasting room. How can you make the tasting room experience even better for your customers? Do you need to add or remove seating? What about your television and music offerings? Do you have enough board or other types of games? Do you need to paint, clean, repair, replace, or upgrade anything? What about larger renovations or projects? Make a note of every suggestion. Then choose the ones you want to complete this year, and start scheduling time to work on them.

Remember the most important aspects of your tasting room: your beers, and everything that pertains to them! Inspect your glassware. Clean your taps. Confirm that your menu board gives customers the information they need and is easy to read. Review your pricing.

Get Organized In the Brewery

Beall Brewery Insurance talks a lot about maintenance and upkeep of the brewery—and for good reason. Solid brewing equipment, good quality ingredients, and safety processes and procedures help you to focus on producing a delicious product, and prevent you from worrying about spoilage, contamination, fireballs, pinch points, and other risks.

Take some time this month to inspect your ingredients, give all your equipment a thorough cleaning, do any necessary housekeeping, and review safety processes and procedures with your staff.

Many of us view January as setting the tone for the rest of the year. Make your January a great set-up for a safe, productive, and profitable 2023.

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