Does Your Brewery Warehouse Waste Water?

Warehousing is important to every craft brewery. Where do you store your craft beer? How do you store it—and for how long?

It’s also an important area to consider for craft breweries striving to reduce water usage and waste water. Cellars are responsible for 17%–nearly a fifth—of a craft brewery’s water usage.

Does that statistic surprise you? That’s understandable. After all, in the warehouse there’s not really a big need for water usage.

But when the warehouse needs cleaning, it’s not unusual for a craft brewery to use water. Consider this the next time you undertake warehouse-cleaning.

Reduce Waste Water in Your Brewery Warehouse

  • Consider using water from final rinses, or other clean streams in the brewing process. (Remember: reduce, reuse, recycle!)
  • Optimize hoses used in cleaning the warehouse. Remember that high pressure hoses use less water. The can be very effective in warehouse areas.
  • Raise awareness of water wastage among your team-members. Encourage team-members to take appropriate steps to reduce water usage. Organize regular meetings where team-members can brain-storm new ways to reduce water use.
  • Encourage team-members to question processes and procedures as they consider ways the brewery could save water. They could ask themselves:
  1. Is this process necessary?
  2. Is water necessary for this process?
  3. Why does this process use so much water? Could we reduce the amount used?
  4. Can we use lower-quality water for this process?
  5. Is clean water going down the drain?

The Brewers Association has created a manual to help craft breweries reduce water usage and waste. Click here to download your copy.

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