Reduce Water Usage in Your Brewery’s Utilities

It is no surprise that brewery utilities require a significant amount of water. In fact, utilities use about a fifth of a brewery’s water, according to the Brewers Association.

But there’s good news: brewers can take some simple steps to reduce utilities’ water usage. For instance:

Reduce Water Usage in Cooling Towers

  • Consider increasing the cycles of concentration. Increasing the cycles from three to six, for example, will reduce cooling tower make-up water by a fifth, and cooling tower blowdown by half.
  • Routinely examine cooling towers and evaporative condensers for leaks. If you find any, take immediate steps to repair them. Likewise, promptly repair or replace poorly operating blowdown valves.
  • Routinely check your make-up water tank to ensure it is not overflowing.

Reduce Water Usage in Boilers

  • Routinely inspect your boiler, condensate system, and steam traps for leaks. If you find any, repair them promptly.
  • Ensure your steam and condensate pipes are properly insulated to decrease steam requirements and heat loss.
  • Routinely examine your system to ensure it is maximized.

Reduce Water Usage for Landscaping

  • Drought-tolerant landscaping is attractive, while still decreasing your brewery’s water needs.
  • Consider utilizing rain barrels to catch precipitation for use in tasks such as washing brewery vehicles.

Reducing your brewery’s water usage can boost to your bottom line. But more than that, it’s good for the environment, it will help your business operate within any water restriction laws, and it can be a powerful vehicle for generating goodwill among your current and future customers.

The Brewers Association has created a manual to help craft breweries reduce water usage and waste. Click here to download your copy.

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