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The Key to Brewery Worker & Customer Health: Hand Washing Hygiene

DYK that hand-washing reduces respiratory illness—like colds—by more than 20%?? During cold and flu season, hand-washing reminders could help your staff and your customers to stay healthy. (Not to mention that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, hand-washing has repeatedly been celebrated as one of the top steps you can take to maintain your health, and the health of those around you.) Read More…

Protect Your Brewery Workers in Confined Spaces

It’s not news that brewery workers face risk when working in confined spaces—but this horrifying story out of California may be news to you. Last year, a worker lowered into a 50-foot drainage shaft fell to his death.


The general contractor and the subcontractor on the job did not follow permit-required procedures for working in confined spaces.

Read More…