Focus on Water Quality

It’s National Water Quality Month—an important observation for craft breweries. After all, beer is mostly water!

Many breweries are already taking steps to reduce water waste in their facilities. But that’s not all. They’re also looking at how we can all take steps to prevent water pollution. After all, even a small change in the water used to craft a brew can impact the taste of that beer.

What Brewers Are Doing

The executive director of the New Jersey Brewers Association recently wrote an op-ed spotlighting two big efforts to prevent water pollution:

  • investing in gray infrastructure (the traditional systems that move and purify water) and
  • investing in green infrastructure (for instance, covering roofs with plants to catch and absorb rainwater before it can go into waterways).

Brewers for Clean Water (BFCW) is a group that advocates for measures that

  • safeguard their water sources from upstream pollution and
  • keep waterways clean for their downstream neighbors.

And 60 craft breweries across the country filed a brief last month in support of environmental advocates who are fighting the attempted deregulation of the 1972 Clean Water Act in a case before the Supreme Court.

What can your brewery do to spotlight the importance of water quality—and help to improve it?

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