Beer Festival 101: Sustainability

With Earth Day coming up, sustainability will be at the forefront of the public conversation—so it’s a great time to note that you can make your beer festival a “green” event.

There’s a lot of reasons why you would want to put energy into doing so.

  • It’s a great marketing angle. Consumers—especially craft beer consumers—love to hear the sustainability story as told by their favorite breweries.
  • It could save you time and money, if you do the research in advance and find the right partners and products to make this goal a reality.
  • It’s good for the environment. (No surprise there!)

What will be your festival’s approach to sustainability?

  • Will you utilize corn-based cups that can be composted after use, rather than plastic cups?
  • Will you establish water dispenser stations to help keep your patrons hydrated, rather than making bottled water available?
  • Can you work with your local waste disposal company to establish recycling stations, in addition to trash disposal receptacles?
  • Will you need to build a team to help you keep track of trash, recyclables, and compostables?
  • What organizations can you work with to help ensure that the compostables end up in the right place, and the recyclables will actually be recycled?
  • How will you encourage participants to “go green” in their booths?
  • How will you explain your festival’s sustainability initiative to patrons, and encourage them to take part?

Sustainability is an important part of the craft beer industry, and more and more breweries are publicizing their efforts to reduce, recycle, and even re-use their brewing waste. You may get some great sustainability ideas for your festival just by asking the breweries in your guild for suggestions.

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