Celebrating Pollution Prevention Week

It’s a fact Beall Brewery Insurance has pointed out before: “green” breweries tend to get good publicity from their environmentally friendly efforts.

And that’s not all. A recycling or repurposing program can be good for your brewery’s bottom line, as well as for its brand identity.

So why are we bringing it up again? Because this week is Pollution Prevention Week–and that’s an opportunity that your brewery may not want to pass by.

Pollution Prevention Week at Your Brewery

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about ways your brewery could go green. Maybe your brewery already has a program or two in action. Wherever you land on the “environmentally friendly” spectrum, you can brainstorm an activity or project to launch during Pollution Prevention Week.

  • Set up a recycle bin (or a few) inside the brewery. Make sure you post signage to make customers aware of them. Be sure to arrange for pick-up from the proper waste management organization.
  • If your brewery already has some environmental initiatives in play, create a flier about one of them and post it around the brewery. Your fans love to learn about the inner workings of the business–and they’ll love to learn about this.
  • What do you do with your spent grain? If you simply toss it, consider ways you could repurpose it. (You’ll get a few ideas here.)
  • Do you work with organizations that support environmental initiatives? If not, could you start to build relationships with such organizations?
  • Consider sponsoring a clean-up day and encouraging customers and staff to participate. Depending on your location, you could arrange for a beach or creek clean-up, a flower planting session in your neighborhood, or forming a team to take part in a community-wide Pollution Prevention Week activity.
  • Ask your customers for ideas! With their different backgrounds, experiences, and professional expertise, they may come up with suggestions that would never have occurred to you. And they’ll be so excited that you asked for their input!

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