How Brewing Trends Can Benefit Your Craft Brewery Long-Term

Craft brewing has created and responded to trends since its inception. But it would behoove craft brewers to consider how current or upcoming trends could positively impact their marketing.

For instance, craft beer fans increasingly confess to IPA fatigue, often referring to West Coast IPAs. Could this be an opportunity for your craft brewery to launch a lineup of alternative IPAs? You could brew up batches of New England IPAs, red IPAs, black IPAs, or session IPAs.

Alternatively, you could broaden your lager lineup. Or focus on other classic styles like altbier or dortmunder.

Or brew up a low- or no-alcohol beer or two.

Can Food Trends Become Brewing Trends?

Brewing trends are only one angle to consider. You might consider food trends, and brainstorm ways for your brewery to take advantage of their popularity. Brew Dog, for instance, offers a gluten-free beer (Vagabond Pale Ale). The Scottish brewery (which also has a presence in Ohio) is also registered with the Vegan Society.

In Southern California, Yorkshire Square Brewery not only brews vegan beers (and often hosts vegan food trucks for taproom guests), it also brews up proper British ale… served at a proper British temperature (not quite as cold as Americans might be accustomed to).

These are all exciting approaches that can help your brewery stand out in a crowded marketplace.

If you choose to build your brewery’s brand via the ingredients you use (or avoid using), or by brewing methods, make sure that your labeling and advertising is absolutely accurate. The last thing a brewery needs is a dissatisfied customer complaining that a “gluten-free” beer isn’t actually free of gluten, or that an “alcohol-free” beer is actually a low-alcohol beer.

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