Water Waste Reduction in Your Craft Brewery’s Packaging Practices

According to the Brewers Association, for every barrel of beer your craft brewery brews, you use an average of seven barrels of water, Beall Brewery Insurance reports. Given drought conditions experienced in many different regions of the country, and resulting legislation such as California’s new water restriction laws, it behooves craft brewers to develop policies and procedures to help manage water use.

Within a brewery, there are four main areas where water is used: brewhouse, cellars, packaging and utilities. Most noteworthy is packaging, which is responsible for 38% of a brewery’s water use. Consequently, it may be the area ripest for water use reduction practices.

Water Waste Reduction: Canning and Bottling Lines

If your canning or bottling line uses water to reduce friction on conveyor belts or reduce static between the cans or bottles, consider:

  • Conveyor belt maintenance can reduce water usage in a water-based lubrication system up to nearly 50%.
  • Changing from water spray lubrication to a dry-lube system.
  • Deploying plastic belts instead of standard steel belts.
  • Fitting a solenoid valve to isolate water flow when the conveyor belt is switched off.
  • Optimizng conveyor rinse jet pressure by replacing nozzles to increase pressure and nozzle diameter.

Water Waste Reduction: Casks and Kegs

It’s easy to use excessive water in the washing of casks and kegs. Consider:

  • Replacing spray nozzles with high-efficiency nozzles that use water at a lower pressure.
  • Check nozzles regularly and if repair or replacement is necessary, take care of it immediately.
  • Recovering final rinse water for re-use on external rinse or pre-rinse of the cask, or for cooling applications or conveyor belt washing.

The Brewers Association has created a manual to help craft breweries reduce water usage and waste. Click here to download your copy.

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