Temperature Extremes in the Craft Brewery

This has been a winter of extremes, from the periodic heat waves of California to the record-breaking snow levels in Boston; but Beall Brewery Insurance points out that temperature extremes are just part of the job for craft brewery professionals.

From the liquids boiling inside kettles to the sub-freezing temperatures of glycol lines, craft brewery workers deal with temperature extremes on a daily basis.

Though the brewing process can certainly turn up the temperature, heat exposure isn’t a brewing-only condition. Even after brewing, workers can be exposed to hot, humid conditions while doing tasks like cleaning out mash tuns. It’s not unheard of for brewing staff to develop heat rash or heat cramps. Additionally, pipes and other surfaces may have high external temperatures that can cause burns.

On the other hand, brewery staff may work in a cold box for extended periods while taking inventory or organizing supplies and product. Cold rooms may also house pressurized gas systems (such as carbon dioxide for pouring beer through the taps). If ambient temperatures change abruptly, pressurized gases can escape into the environment, causing frostbite to those nearby.

It’s recommended that all craft brewery workers learn the signs and symptoms of cold- and heat-induced illnesses and injuries, and the steps that should be taken to help workers. Workers should wear the proper clothing and personal protective equipment when they are working in cold and hot environments in the brewery. Workers should also be encouraged to take breaks from working in extreme temperature conditions in an effort to prevent cold- or heat-induced injury and illness. And appropriate signage can be installed to help alert people to the danger of various temperature extremes, including hot surfaces.

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