Prevent Beer Spoilage and Contamination

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that beer spoilage and contamination are among the top three craft brewery losses based on severity, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group. The unintentional use of contaminated materials and the spoilage of a batch of beer present a huge exposure to the financial well-being—and the reputation—of any brewery.

Contamination threats include:

  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Power outage
  • Proliferation of undesired organisms
  • Refrigerant contamination

While vigilance can help to keep contamination risk low, Beall Brewery Insurance recommends other steps breweries can take to protect their supplies and prevent craft beer spoilage and contamination.

  • Establish housekeeping procedures to ensure that all equipment is clean and sterilized before you begin to brew.
  • Consider how you store your raw materials, and how they are transported to the mill, brewhouse, or other brewing equipment.
  • Observe your production stream. Is it as smooth as it could be?
  • Test each batch, both from a chemical and from a taste standpoint.
  • Develop a contingency plan in case your beer does get spoiled or contaminated.

Be sure your brewery’s insurance policy includes coverage for spoilage and contamination, but remember: even ample coverage cannot help you recover from the damage to your reputation if you put bad beer in the tap or on the market. An ounce of prevention is worth a keg of great craft beer, so focus on contaminant elimination in your brewery.

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