Liquor Liability & the Craft Brewery

Liquor liability is a huge problem for craft breweries. In fact, it’s among the three most severe craft brewery losses, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group.

From craft breweries caught serving underage patrons to breweries sued in the wake of a car accident or other incident, liquor liability incidents can have terrible repercussions. These include legal action, financial repercussions, and damage to the brewery’s reputation. Worst of all, these incidents can lead to injury or death of intoxicated patrons or those who come into contact with them.

The first step to managing liquor liability? Develop a policies and procedures manual clearly outlining actions to keep customers and staff safe. The next step: train staff in the implementation of those policies and procedures.

Liquor Liability Policies to Include in Your Manual

Among the elements to include in such a manual:

  • Company philosophy about identifying, assisting, and stopping patrons who have had too much to drink.
  • Limiting alcohol consumption.
  • Encouraging taxi use, carpools, and designated-driver programs.
  • How the brewery documents incidents involving patrons who have had too much to drink (closed circuit video, an incident log, etc.).
  • Policies related to employee drinking at the brewery.
  • Prevention of underage serving by checking patron IDs.

Liquor liability insurance can protect a brewery facing a claim after a traffic accident or other incident. But it is far better to eliminate the opportunity for such claims in the first place. An ounce of prevention is worth a barrel of great craft beer.

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