Lightning Safety & the Craft Brewery

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that, according to the National Lightning Safety Institute, one of the most common troubles facing US businesses today are problems resulting from lightning. A Carnegie-Mellon study found that lightning affects a full third of all US businesses—more than are affected by lightning than by flood, fire, explosion, hurricane, earthquake, or violence.

Lightning safety should be a matter of concern for all business owners. Employee injury, property damage, or electrical surges resulting from lightning can interrupt standard business operations.

And now is the time to put lightning safety at the forefront of brewery owners’ minds. This week is Lightning Awareness Week. And next month is the peak month for fatalities resulting from lightning. In fact, more than two-thirds of all fatal lightning strikes occur during the summer months, although lightning can (and does) strike at any time of year.

Lightning Safety Tips

Be sure your brewery workers know what to do if a thunderstorm approaches. Make them aware of these lightning safety tips:

  • If workers hear thunder, they should know that lightning is close enough to strike and take shelter immediately.
  • Safe shelters from lightning include substantial buildings and enclosed, metal-topped vehicles (if the windows are rolled up).
  • Workers should remain in the shelter for at least 30 minutes after the last roar of thunder.
  • If inside the brewery or another structure, workers should refrain from using corded phones, computers, or other electrical equipment, as well as any plumbing (sinks, faucets, etc.).
  • Inside a brewery or other structure, workers should stay away from windows and doors and stay off porches.
  • Inside a brewery or other structure, workers should not lie down on concrete floors or lean against concrete walls.

If workers are inside a vehicle or a piece of heavy equipment with a roll-over protection system, they will be safe in an electrical storm by following these steps:

  1. Shut down the equipment.
  2. Close doors and any windows.
  3. Sit with hands in lap until storm has passed.

If a worker is in a smaller piece of equipment that does not have a roll-over protection system, which does not offer lightning safety, the worker should exit the equipment or vehicle and get to a safe shelter.

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