Earthquake, Tornado, or Flood—Oh My

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that weather claims are one of the top three craft brewery losses based on frequency, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group. A craft brewery natural disaster—whether from a lightning storms, earthquake, flood, or tornado—can turn into a business disaster if proper steps aren’t taken beforehand. 

If your brewery is located in an area prone to a particular type of natural disaster—in Southern California, for example, earthquakes—be sure your equipment and supplies are installed, stored, and managed in a way that will best protect them in the event of such a disaster. In flood zones, for instance, store supplies above the flood line.

But even if your region is not particularly vulnerable to a particular craft brewery natural disaster or weather event, it’s smart to develop a plan just in case. When making your craft brewery natural disaster response plan, consider:

  • What is your contingency plan for getting brewery operations up and running as quickly as possible following a disaster?
  • Can you brew in another location if necessary?
  • What is your emergency preparedness plan for disasters you can see coming (a flood or wildfire, for instance)?
  • Do you need to develop a relationship with a mobile canning operation in case your packaging operation goes down following a disaster?
  • Is staff aware of how to protect themselves and operations in the event of a disaster?
  • Do you have a system in place for alerting employees and customers if a disaster happens?
  • Should you schedule periodic drills so staff is prepared if disaster strikes?

Be sure your brewery’s insurance policy includes coverage for damage due to craft brewery natural disaster or weather damage, but remember: even ample coverage cannot help you recover from the damage to your business if a natural disaster or weather event puts your brewery out of commission for any length of time. An ounce of prevention is worth a keg of great craft beer.

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