How Can Your Brewery Celebrate National Safety Month?

If you’re looking for ways to help reduce injury (and workers comp costs) at your craft brewery, June is the month you’ve been waiting for.

That’s because National Safety Month is a great time to brainstorm creative ways to remind your team how to avoid and eradicate risk in the brewery. Not to mention providing refreshers on prompt, safe response tow workplace injury.

National Safety Month 2017 has a theme for each week. These include fall prevention, fatigue, and ergonomics—all great topics for workplace safety.

But you don’t have to follow along with those themes. Come up with ideas that fit your brewery and its unique safety challenges. Then develop events and activities to help educate your team.

National Safety Month Activity Ideas

  • Invite a speaker to address your workers at a lunch-and-learn. Perhaps a chiropractor could speak about proper lifting and bending techniques. Or you might invite a psychologist to share stress reduction techniques.
  • Provide opportunities for CPR and First Aid training. You may even want to set a brewery-wide goal to train a certain percentage of your team. After the end of the month, host a lunch or other fun event to recognize those who completed training.
  • Focus on PPE. Size each of your workers for hearing protection, eyewear, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. Make sure their PPE fits properly—and that they are wearing it correctly.
  • Ensure that your team understands how—and when—to use the fire extinguisher. Invite a vendor to come to your brewery and train employees on proper fire extinguisher technique using a fire simulator. Make sure employees know the location of all extinguishers and exits.
  • Each week, offer a refresher training to ensure that workers are aware of proper emergency response. You may focus on events such as evacuation, extreme weather, workplace violence, chemical spills, or other incidents that may impact your team.

Your workers expect to be safe on the job—but they need the proper support and training to stay that way. National Safety Month offers a fantastic opportunity to help your entire team focus on safety. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to incorporate some fun and team-building.

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