Brewery Food Service: Benefits and Risks

More than 35 percent of US breweries fall into the “brewpub” category, and many of them include restaurants. However, the majority of craft breweries do not offer brewery food service.

Many breweries develop a relationship with food trucks that stop by the brewery for the benefit of patrons. And many breweries permit patrons to bring in food to enjoy with their beer. Special “beer pairing” dinners, chocolate-and-beer-tasting events, or other food-centered events are also becoming more popular. But Beall Brewery Insurance suggests that breweries allowing customers to bring prepared food into the tasting room need to carefully consider the resulting increase in the brewery’s risk exposure.

If You Arrange for Brewery Food Service

Is your brewery considering hosting a beer-and-food event, or building relationships with food trucks? Protect your brewery from liability exposure that could result from damages caused by these vendors! Before officially starting to work with a food truck, a caterer, or other outside food vendor, request:

  • A certificate of insurance for the vendor’s general liability, business auto, and workers compensation coverage.
  • To be added as an additional insured on the general liability and business auto policy.
  • A waiver of subrogation for the vendor’s workers compensation coverage.

If Your Brewery Allows Outside Food

Perhaps your brewery will experience less liability exposure when customers are allowed to bring in their own food. But there may be other concerns to address.

  • Ensure that staff cleans thoroughly to rid the brewery of all food waste, so as to avoid the proliferation of pests.
  • Check that the brewery has sufficient waste receptacles for customers to “bus” their own tables upon completing their meal.
  • Ensure that the brewery does not overwhelm its garbage pick-up capabilities. Are your dumpsters or other receptacles large enough to contain this additional food waste?
  • Train staff to recognize the signs of choking, and  how to assist a patron who may be choking.

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