Breweries & Food Trucks: A Natural Pairing?

While breweries and food trucks may seem like a natural paring, Beall Brewery Insurance would like to point out that breweries that allow food trucks onto their property expose themselves to additional liability that must be addressed.

When a brewery allows a food truck onto its property, it is exposed to “vicarious liability,” meaning that the brewery can be liable for damages caused by the food truck—for instance, a slip and fall resulting from the truck’s oil spill, or even food poisoning.

How can a brewery protect itself from this exposure?

  • Request a certificate of insurance for a food truck’s general liability, business auto, and workers compensation coverage.
  • Request to be added as an additional insured on a food truck’s general liability and business auto policy.
  • Request a waiver of subrogation for a food truck’s workers compensation coverage.

These simple steps will help protect a brewery from vicarious liability, while still providing opportunity to offer brewery patrons something to eat while they’re at the brewery.

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