Boost Your Craft Brewery Security

October is Crime Prevention Month, and Beall Brewery Insurance would like to take the opportunity to remind craft brewery owners and operators how to boost their craft brewery security and protect their businesses from theft.

Loss of retail product due to theft and other causes costs US retailers approximately $42 billion annually, according to the Global Retail Theft Barometer, an annual industry study led by Deyle and inventory management firm Checkpoint Systems.

Theft from craft breweries goes far beyond rented kegs that are never returned (although that is a very big problem, particularly these days as many people hold on to the kegs to sell them for scrap). In Southern California, a man was arrested for stealing spent grain from a brewery to feed his livestock.

To prevent theft by outsiders, follow standard security procedures.

Steps to Craft Brewery Security

Common-sense precautions can go a long way toward strengthening your craft brewery security.

Common-sense precautions can go a long way toward strengthening your craft brewery security.

  • Use quality locks, safes, and alarm systems.
  • Mark all your equipment with an identification number (for example, tax identification or license number). Keep an inventory of all your equipment, noting that identification number.
  • Make sure all entrances and security doors have deadbolt locks. Padlocks should be made of steel and kept locked at all times. Be sure to remove locks’ serial numbers to prevent unauthorized keys from being made.
  • All outside or security doors should be metal-lined and secured with metal security crossbars. Pin exposed hinges to prevent them from being removed.
  • Light the interior and exterior of your brewery, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering.
  • If you are planning to invest in an alarm system, consider what level of security fits your brewery’s needs. (You may also want to contact your local law enforcement agency to recommend established companies.) Be sure you learn how to use your system properly. Check the system daily, and run a test when closing.

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