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Business Continuity for the Craft Brewery

Accidents happen.

There’s a reason that’s a familiar saying! But we could just as easily say, “Extreme weather happens,” or “Computer crashes happen.”

Don’t let this National Preparedness Month go by without investing a little time to ensure your brewery’s business continuity, even in the face of disaster. Read More…

Does Your Brewery Warehouse Waste Water?

Warehousing is important to every craft brewery. Where do you store your craft beer? How do you store it—and for how long?

It’s also an important area to consider for craft breweries striving to reduce water usage and waste water. Cellars are responsible for 17%–nearly a fifth—of a craft brewery’s water usage. Read More…

Brew Beer, Don’t Waste Water: Reducing Water Used in Brewing

Beer is 95% water, but the amount of water needed in the brewing process adds up to much more than that. According to the Brewers Association, brewers need about seven barrels of water to make one gallon of beer.

Of course, not all that water goes into the actual brewing. But the brewing process is responsible for 25% of a typical brewery’s water usage. Read More…

Water Waste Reduction in Your Craft Brewery’s Packaging Practices

According to the Brewers Association, for every barrel of beer your craft brewery brews, you use an average of seven barrels of water, Beall Brewery Insurance reports. Given drought conditions experienced in many different regions of the country, and resulting legislation such as California’s new water restriction laws, it behooves craft brewers to develop policies and procedures to help manage water use.

Read More…

Beer Festival 101: Sustainability

With Earth Day coming up, sustainability will be at the forefront of the public conversation—so it’s a great time to note that you can make your beer festival a “green” event.

There’s a lot of reasons why you would want to put energy into doing so. Read More…

Beer Festival 101: Preventing Liquor Liability Claims

Liquor liability is a risk exposure that every brewery faces. And it’s one of the most severe losses that can hit a craft brewery.

So if you are planning—or participating in—a beer festival, consider carefully how to limit liquor liability exposure for your organization. Read More…