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2019: The Year in Beer

As the year draws to a close, and a new year draws every closer, it’s only natural—especially online!—to take a look back at the year that’s ending, and to look ahead at what’s to come.

This was an eventful year for the beer industry as a whole, and for craft beer in particular—but that’s just about the same thing we say every year. What made 2019 different? Read More…

Preventing Holiday Liquor Liability Issues

We are entering the holiday season, and you know what that means.

For craft breweries, this celebratory time of year can bring some of the biggest sales activity. Party hosts pick up growlers and crowlers. Exhausted shoppers relax over a pint. Friends gather in the taproom for their annual white elephant gift exchange.d

It also means increased risk out on the road–and increased risk of liquor liability issues. Read More…

Brewery Ergonomics

National Ergonomics Month may not have quite the same ring to it as “American Beer Week,” but here’s some news: they both happen during the same month, and they’re both very important to the craft beer industry. Read More…

How Your X-Mod Impacts Your Brewery’s Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation exists to protect workers. Most states require companies to cover employees with workers’ comp. In California, for instance, even a business with only one employee must carry workers’ comp.

Workers’ compensation insurance can also be a big expenditure for your brewery. That’s where your experience modification comes into play. Read More…

Are You Prepared for Worker Safety?

During National Preparedness Month, many of us take a look at our disaster safety plans, make modifications to the way we house equipment and store supplies, even repair or upgrade our buildings to make them safer.

But what about the employees who keep the business running? This time around, we’d like to urge craft breweries to focus on planning ways to ensure worker safety in the event of an emergency… and how to involve them in the process of ensuring safety for the brewery. Read More…

California Beer, Re-Defined

We already know there is some controversy surrounding the question, “What is craft beer?”

But now there could be controversy regarding an even broader question: “What is beer?”

In California, anyway.

Earlier this month, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed off on Assembly Bill 205. This will change the definition of “beer” to include varieties fermented with ingredients like fruits, sugars and spices.

Local news quoted Peter Hoey, co-founder and brewmaster at Urban Roots Brewing and Smokehouse, as supporting the California beer legislation.

“Beer was defined as a serial malt beverage, so anytime you added fruit you started to get into wine territory,” he said. “That required a separate license to be able to ferment fruit sugars…. So the challenge for breweries was you’re not allowed to concurrently hold a wine license and a beer license.”

How Brewers Benefit

For craft breweries constantly in search of ways to brew more innovative beer, this legislation could open up some doors.

The California Craft Brewers Association supported the bill, an effort to bring California up to speed with how federal law already defines beer.

“This actually kind of recognizes what our guys have been doing, saying that it’s not just wine, it’s our beers, too, that use these ingredients to make the world’s best beer,” said Sean Hamlin, Government Affairs Manager for the California Craft Brewers Association.

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The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act

In late 2017, Congress passed legislation including a two-year provision of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (CBMTRA). This lowered the federal excise tax (FET) for breweries, wineries, and distilled spirits producers for a period of two years. It is set to expire on Dec. 31, 2019. Read More…