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Wildfire Prevention at the Brewery

A brewery fire is one of the top three most severe losses a brewery can experience, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group. And this is the perfect time to remind brewery operators how to put wildfire prevention into effect.

Why? Because this year, wildfire is causing more damage.

From January 1 to September 8, 2020 41,051 wildfires raged across the US, compared with 35,386 wildfires in the same period in 2019. About 4.7 million acres burned in the 2020 period, compared with 4.2 million acres in 2019.

Does that mean it’s too late to take steps to prevent wildfire at your brewery? Absolutely not. Read More…

Do Your Workers Know Your Brewery Emergency Response Plan?

Business owners already know the importance of having an emergency action plan to help them respond quickly in the event of a natural disaster, work-related injury, or other incident. But Beall Brewery Insurance would like to suggest that brewery owners and operators also have in place a brewery Emergency Response Plan that offers workers a framework to help them respond swiftly and successfully to an emergency. Read More…

Reducing Liquor Liability: The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

Liquor liability is one of the most severe claims a brewery can face. It can impact the brewery’s bottom line, with potential legal fees and settlements, as well as fines. And it can damage the brewery’s reputation, resulting in an ongoing negative impact.

Late August, all the way through Labor Day, the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign strives to remind people of the risks of driving under the impact of alcohol. It’s a great opportunity for you to remind your brewery team that the power to prevent customer DUIs and resulting liquor liability claims lies in their hands.

Steps You Can Take

  • Review your brewery policies and procedures with staff to ensure everyone understand the seriousness of the issue, and how to avoid it.
  • Emphasize the importance of checking patron IDs and preventing serving underage customers.
  • Share techniques to help workers identify, assist, and stop patrons who have had too much to drink. (You may even wish to offer staff a refresher training session, such as LEAD or TIPS.)
  • Share techniques to encourage patrons who may have overindulged to use taxis or other ride services rather than getting behind the wheel.
  • Review how the brewery documents incidents involving patrons who have had too much to drink.
  • Review policies regarding employee drinking at the brewery.

Your goal is to brew great beer for your customers to enjoy. Your servers’ job is not only to pour that beer, but to make sure they are pouring it within the right limits. Make sure your team and your customers enjoy the end of summer safely.

For more than 25 years, Beall Financial and Insurance Services, Inc., has been helping corporations and individuals protect their most important assets. The agency’s client base covers a spectrum of niche businesses, such as craft breweries, that require specialized insurance packages and knowledge. With California offices in Redlands and Newport Beach, Beall Financial and Insurance Services serves clients nationwide.

Promoting Wellness at Your Craft Brewery

The wellbeing of your craft brewery employees is key—and for a number of reasons.

Healthy employees are productive employees. Healthy employees don’t negatively impact your workers’ comp costs. And, these days especially, healthy employees ensure the health of the entire organization. Read More…

Earthquake, Tornado, or Flood—Oh My

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that weather claims are one of the top three craft brewery losses based on frequency, according to data from The Hanover Insurance Group. A craft brewery natural disaster—whether from a lightning storms, earthquake, flood, or tornado—can turn into a business disaster if proper steps aren’t taken beforehand.  Read More…

Protect Your Brewery Staff from High Pressure Systems

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that the production and use of carbon dioxide is among the most frequent causes of anecdotal injury notifications in breweries.

Most people wouldn’t think of pressure in connection with the craft brewery industry—except for the pressure of producing outstanding beer. But pressure plays an important role in an operating brewery, and is one of the many dangers facing the staff who work there. Read More…

The Eyes Have It

Beall Brewery Insurance reports that, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, each day about 2,000 US workers sustain work-related eye injuries requiring medical treatment. Eye injury has resulted in more than $300 million in lost time, medical expenses, and workers compensation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read More…

How to Responsibly Dispose of Unsaleable Beer

Breweries across the country are making plans—and implementing them—for re-opening to customers. But there’s another challenge still lingering from weeks or months of slow (or no) sales: what to do with all that beer that’s past its prime.

As you gear up to brew fresh batches, here are some ideas of what to do to responsibly dispose of unsaleable beer.  Read More…