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The Key to Brewery Worker & Customer Health: Hand Washing Hygiene

It’s National Hand Washing Awareness Week, and Beall Brewery Insurance wants to take the opportunity to point out that hand-washing reduces respiratory illness—like colds—by more than 20%.

During this cold and flu season, hand-washing reminders could help your staff and your customers to stay healthy… and that’s nothing but good for your bottom line. Read More…

Craft Brewery Events to Inspire Devoted Customers

Of course your craft beer should be the number one reason customers flock to your tasting room. The tasting room’s atmosphere is also key.

But what can help inspire customers to visit you this week or this month, rather than choosing another activity now and putting off a visit to you for later?

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Hosting Four-Legged Guests at Your Craft Brewery

Service animals in the office. Comfort animals on the airplane. Tiny pets in handbags.

Sometimes it seems that the whole world is “pet-friendly.” And it may be your inclination to permit your customers to bring their four-legged friends to your brewery. But for a craft brewery, the situation is not always straightforward. Read More…

Hosting a Brewery Event

Hosting a beer festival. Bringing in food vendors or entertainment for a special event. Commemorating beer holidays like National IPA Day or International Beer Day (both this month).

All of these can draw larger crowds to your craft brewery—and be a big marketing win. But all of these are also risk exposures that you may not be exposed to much of the rest of the year.

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Protect Your Brewery Workers in Confined Spaces

It’s not news that brewery workers face risk when working in confined spaces—but this horrifying story out of California may be news to you. Last year, a worker lowered into a 50-foot drainage shaft fell to his death.


The general contractor and the subcontractor on the job did not follow permit-required procedures for working in confined spaces.

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