Care About Your Brewery’s Air Quality

February is National Care About Your Indoor Air Month, and Beall Brewery Insurance wants to remind breweries that a brewery’s air quality is very important to the health and safety of its workers, and to the longevity of the brewery itself.

There are a number of reasons why air quality could be compromised in a brewery, from gases such as carbon dioxide to grain dust to chemicals used for cleaning and sanitation.

Anecdotally, carbon dioxide is among the causes of the highest number of brewery injuries, sometimes because of overpressurization (which can lead to catastrophic rupture of tanks) or frostbite injuries.

Asphyxiation can also easily occur if proper safety measures are not taken, particularly in relation to confined spaces in the brewery. Recently in a German brewery, two workers died in separate incidents, both of them overcome by carbon dioxide accumulated in vessels they were inspecting. Naturally produced during fermentation, carbon dioxide is also used in carbonation, kegging, purging vessels and kegs, and serving at the bar.

It’s safest not to enter confined spaces in the first place, if there is any way the necessary work can be performed from the outside. Clean-in-place systems may allow many vessels to be cleaned from the outside, but there may be situations in which it is absolutely necessary for someone to enter the vessel to complete the work. If that is the case, be sure to follow OSHA guidelines to ensure safety.

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